Who we are

CabLAB is a project run by EMBEDECO company. Initial idea was to establish a new brand for home and laboratory cabling solutions. CabLAB focus mainly on cabling dedicated to measurement and RF signals delivering. We also head towards cable tagging and other related directions.

It quickly turned out that vision we have behind can’t exist without operational and efficient sales channel. That is why we invest lot of an effort into selling platform to discover best way to reach You – our Client. We constantly look for new opportunities and asses our chances to present ourselves to wider audience. We are trying to be visible and seen as a reliable partner to do business with.

Our plan assume not aggressive but responsible growth in selected areas to deliver best quality and service to our Customers. We have an ambition to be recognizable brand that you can rely on. We want to offer products that exactly fit our Clients needs which give you a sense of confidence in our professionalism when deciding to do business with us. Together we can grow faster.